open ADJECTIVE 1) allowing access, passage, or view; not closed, fastened, or restricted. 2) exposed to view or attack; not covered or protected. 3) (open to) vulnerable or subject to. 4) spread out, expanded, or unfolded. 5) officially admitting customers or visitors; available for business. 6) (of an offer or opportunity) still available. 7) frank and communicative. 8) not finally settled; still admitting of debate. 9) (often open to) accessible, receptive, or available. 10) (open to) admitting of; making possible. 11) Music (of a string) allowed to vibrate along its whole length. 12) Phonetics (of a vowel) produced with a relatively wide opening of the mouth and the tongue kept low. 13) (of an electric circuit) having a break in the conducting path.
VERB 1) make or become open. 2) spread out; unfold or be unfolded. 3) formally begin or establish. 4) make available or more widely known. 5) (open on to/into) give access to. 6) (open out/up) become more communicative or confiding. 7) break the conducting path of (an electric circuit).
NOUN 1) (the open) fresh air or open countryside. 2) (Open) a championship or competition with no restrictions on who may compete.
the open air — Cf. ↑the open air
in open court — Cf. ↑in open court
in (or into) the open — Cf. ↑into the open
open-and-shut — Cf. ↑open-and-shut
open up (or open fire) — Cf. ↑open up
DERIVATIVES openable adjective openness noun.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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